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3 Healthy Smoothies to Kickstart Your Day

I may not be the poster child for good health and fitness, but I can at least say that I’m eating enough fruits and veggies each day. That may not sound like an incredible feat, but you’d be surprised. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 1 in 10 adults get the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Yiiikes.

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Recipe | Cold Brew Green Tea

Can we have a moment of silence for all the forgotten cups of hot tea that went lukewarm?

Lately, I’ve developed a terrible and wasteful habit of letting my tea cool down for too long. I’d brew my favorite jasmine green tea, zip through the morning routine, dive into work and completely forget about my drink. It ends up being cold, bitter, and just plain sad – like me as I begrudgingly chug it down.

With summer a little over a month away, maybe cold tea isn’t such a bad thing. I could do without some of the bitterness though, and that’s when I remembered my friend mentioning cold brew coffee. It’s smooth, naturally sweet, and less acidic. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to make. Sounds like a winner to me! So, why not apply that same idea when brewing tea?

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