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2018 Bullet Journal Setup + Goals

Happy 2018, y’all!

I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! After taking a break to wrap up a year that can only be described as a child on two cans of Monster energy drink, I’m glad to be back with exciting plans for Anhthology.

As a hoarder of all things stationery, I always welcome the new year with open arms because a fresh start means a brand spankin’ new bullet journal (and an excuse to buy more supplies, but that’s not the point here). Rather than looking back at 2017 for my first post of the year, I thought I’d combine my goals for 2018 with a peek into the bullet journal setup that’ll help me work towards those goals. And if we happen to have the same goals, (1) congrats on taking that first leap and (2) I hope this flip-through helps you turn your goals into measurable and achievable steps!

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5 Things I Learned About Bullet Journals

The best thing about the bullet journal is that you’re not limited to what’s laid out in the original bullet journal system. You’re free to add as little or as much as you need, whether that’s colorful decorations or hacks that help organize all aspects of your life. There’s an abundance of ideas and resources to turn to when it comes to setting one up. Different people will tell you different things, but there are a couple of tips that are almost universal regardless of how you decide to use your bullet journal. After two years, I’d like to share five top tips that I wish someone told me before I started bullet journaling. 

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Just Take My Money | Muji Haul

It’s safe to say that MUJI has a special place in my heart and a strong hold on my wallet. For that reason, I limit myself to two shopping trips there each year. I may have self-control when it comes to online shopping, but it’s a completely different story when I’m there in person. The word “budget” magically disappears from my vocabulary the moment I step into the store. But thanks to that, I have a nice little haul that I’m super excited to share!

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Bullet Journal

So, you promised yourself that you’re going to be more organized this year. You ditched the scattered sticky notes and five mobile apps that just weren’t working for you and began your search for a good ol’ planner. With hundreds of options in the market, there’s bound to be one made just for you – or so you thought.

It’s way too bulky.

There’s not enough space for everything.

I’m never going to use these sections.

The design isn’t for me.

What do you mean that planner is $60?!

No matter where you looked, there wasn’t a single planner that met all of your needs. But I wouldn’t throw in the towel just yet, especially not without giving the bullet journal system a try.

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10 Ways to Reduce Digital Clutter

In February, I took my website offline for what was supposed to be a weekend of sprucing up the home page. But as you can tell by the time stamp on my previous post, an entirely different layout and some shiny new graphics, that’s not exactly what happened. Now that I’m back, I want to share something else that I’ve been working on throughout the last month: de-cluttering my digital life!

In this day and age, your digital space is just as important as your living space, if not more. Unless you’re someone who thrives in clutter (tbh – that’s quite remarkable), those 250 unread emails spread across three email accounts and documents titled “asdfhjkl” can hinder your workflow and make life a little more difficult for you. Whether you’re looking to organize your files or clear up space on your devices, here are a few steps to help get you started:

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Passion Planner Review

I don’t know about you, but I sucked at keeping a planner. One missed day became two. Two days became a week. And before I knew it, I was crawling back to Google Calendar and scattered to-do lists written on Post-It notes. For that reason, I never bothered looking for the perfect planner.

I’m pretty sure that if I tried searching, however, I’d end up getting a Passion Planner.

The Passion Planner was created by Angelia Trinidad, a fellow UCLA alumni who, like many recent college grads, felt lost and uncertain about her future after being thrown into the “real world”. She turned her post-graduate struggles into a Kickstarter success and now, the Passion Planner is helping people find their passions and achieve their goals.

While I’m more than happy with my bullet journal, the opportunity to try the Passion Planner presented itself last year in the form of a very generous giveaway at UCLA – I’m talking 20,000 free planners. My brother, who thinks he’s too good for a planner, gave me his to try out. And after about two months of using it, I’m here to share my thoughts on the Passion Planner.

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