Review | MUJI Sensitive Skincare

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It’s no secret that I love MUJI. If I could, I would live in one of those MUJI-built homes in Japan. This aesthetically pleasing Japanese retail chain is a gold mine of minimalistic and high-quality furniture, home goods and, of course, stationery. They also sell basic apparel, aromatic oil diffusers, and surprisingly tasty snacks! But the things I didn’t expect them to have, let alone impress me with, are skincare products.

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical at first. Sure, MUJI products have never let me down, but could I trust a brand known for its stationery and storage to take care of my skin, too? After spending more time in MUJI than an average person should, walking to and from the health and beauty section half a dozen times, I gave in. Best case scenario: I find my new go-to skincare brand. Worst case scenario: I do long-lasting damage to my skin that’ll haunt me for the rest of my 20s. No biggie.

Jumping straight into it, are MUJI skincare products worth buying? If you know your skin type and its needs, then I recommend giving them a try. Most products are reasonably priced to begin with, but they also come in budget-friendly travel sizes – perfect for testing the waters before investing in larger sizes.

I also chose to play it safe and bought travel sizes of just the products I needed at that time: a cleanser and a toner. I didn’t want to shock my skin with a barrage of just brand new products (plus, less money spent on skincare meant more money for stationery). And as an extra precaution, I went for their ultra-gentle Sensitive Skin collection.

About MUJI’s Sensitive Skin Line

As the name suggests, this skincare collection caters to people who have skin that doesn’t always agree with certain environments, stress and stronger products. It’s also a good starting point if you’re new to MUJI skincare, as it doesn’t contain skin-irritating ingredients. In fact, the entire collection is free of mineral oil, parabens, alcohol, dyes, and fragrance.

What it does have is grapefruit seed extract to keep your skin hydrated and purslane extract to protect it from dryness. As with most skincare products, water is the main ingredient. But the water used in the Sensitive Skin collection is slowly filtered in the bedrocks of natural cavern springs in Kamaishi City in Japan. Is it extra? Pfft, yeah. But it’s nice to know that some thought went into an integral ingredient that people tend to overlook.

In terms of the packaging, it’s MUJI. You know the bottles are going to look like they belong in some pristine white or earth-toned bathroom you’d find in high-end hotels, Pinterest and probably a minimalist’s Instagram feed. That being said, MUJI did a great job with the design of the packaging. They’re simple, yet elegant, and you can easily replace the cap with any of their bottle head attachments.

I think that covered most of the bases. Now all that’s left is how effective they really are. To test that, I used the following two products for a month, without changing up the other products I regularly use, to see if they make any difference in the long-run. First off, I’m surprised the travel sizes lasted an entire month. A little does go a long way, especially for the face soap.

MUJI Sensitive Skin Face Soap

I’ve never dipped my face into silky soft clouds, but I imagine it’s like washing my skin with this face soap. Half a pea-sized amount is more than enough to get the suds going, which made me suspicious. It turns out that this product does contain a sulfate, so if you’re trying to avoid that ingredient, this product may not be for you. If that doesn’t bother you at all, this face soap is a decent cleanser. It feels very soft and delicate on the skin, especially since it’s free of all those other irritants. I don’t wear makeup, so I can’t say how effective it is at removing products, but it does leave my skin feeling fresh and clean without stripping and drying it up.  

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MUJI Sensitive Skin Light Toning Water

My search for a hydrating, paraben-free and alcohol-free toner has finally come to an end. The Sensitive Skin Light Toning Water is super gentle and refreshing on the skin, leaving a subtle glow after application. It reminds me a lot of LUSH’s Tea Tree Water, which was my favorite until I started shifting away from products with parabens. The toning water easily soaks into my skin to hydrate and prep my face for moisturizer. Sometimes, I forget to apply the moisturizer because a generous spritz of this light toning water is enough to leave my skin happy and hydrated.

I actually bought the wrong toning water. For each of MUJI’s skincare collection, there’s a variety of toning waters based on moisturizing levels: light, medium and high. It’s kinda confusing at first since you have light toning water with light moisture, light toning water with high moisture, etc. But it’s great that, within your preferred skincare line, you can pick a toner based on whether you face is dry, normal or oily. I bought the light one by accident, but I’m definitely going to try their mid-tier moisturizing level next time!

MUJI Skincare Tools

I decided to throw in a couple of MUJI’s skincare tools because it’s the little details that make MUJI what it is. As I mentioned earlier, you can replace the caps of the skincare products with various bottle head attachments. This includes the trigger, spray, and cotton pump heads, which are perfect for toning waters, and the pump for moisturizing milk (a thin moisturizer) and face soaps. You’ll have to buy those separately, but they range from $2.75 to $4.00.

My favorite is definitely the cut cotton. A $3.50 bag comes with 185 luxuriously soft sheets that, like everything else I’ve listed so far, are gentle on the skin. They have the right amount of absorbency, where the product doesn’t go MIA or renders the cotton unusable. I mostly use it to apply toning water evenly throughout my face.

I wish I bought more skincare products for a more expansive review on the entire Sensitive Skin collection, but using the face soap and the toner has opened my mind to trying out more of MUJI’s skincare products. If you’re looking to change up your skincare routine, especially when the colder weather starts to roll in, I highly recommend looking into MUJI skincare products. I never thought the place where I buy my stationery would sell skincare products that my skin loves. Thanks, MUJI, for surprising me and exceeding my expectations.