Just Take My Money | Muji Haul

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It’s safe to say that MUJI has a special place in my heart and a firm grasp on my wallet. For that reason, I limit myself to two shopping trips there each year. I may have self-control when it comes to online shopping, but it’s an entirely different story when I’m there in person. The word “budget” magically disappears from my vocabulary the moment I step into the store. But thanks to that, I have a nice little haul that I’m super excited to share!

Like half of the posts on this blog, this one is long overdue – like, two months overdue. On the bright side, that gave me time to make good use of these products before writing about them. MUJI hasn’t disappointed me yet, and I don’t think it’s going to any time soon. My favorite thing about this Japanese brand is their emphasis on simplicity, in both appearance and functionality, without taking away from the quality. It’s a minimalist’s dream come true. And because they sell a bit of everything for every room in the house, you can easily MUJI-fy your home, like I’m gradually doing. Slowly, but surely.


How can I not buy stationery whenever go to MUJI? I stocked up on the usual, but I also grabbed a few new goodies to try.

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I’ve mentioned the capped gel pens multiple times when I wrote about my favorite bullet journal supplies and MUJI stationery must-haves, but it’s time that I upgrade to their Hexagonal Pens. I thought the 0.38 tip was thin enough for me, but the 0.25 tip was something I didn’t know I needed. It writes so smoothly without skipping, and it’s smear-proof and highlighter-friendly – unlike the gel pens.

I also bought their black calligraphy brush pen which, to be honest, isn’t as dark as I’d like it to be. You’d have to go over your marks a couple of times to get a nice solid black. Still, it gives you insane line variations once you get the hang of its super soft brush-like bristles. Just a heads up: the ink does streak a bit, giving it a unique rustic look that may or may not be your cup of tea.  


In an attempt to take blogging more seriously (or at least get more organized), I decided to make a physical editorial calendar that’s separate from my bullet journal. I’ve tried to use a notebook in the past, but I can’t move sections around as easily as I would like. And digital calendars and tracking apps rarely work for me when I actually remember to check them, so that’s out of the question.

This compact A5-sized binder wasn’t on my shopping list (like half of the things I get at MUJI), but I found that it was exactly what I needed for my editorial calendar. This version has a plastic cover, two secure rings that open with ease, and two pockets. In that same section, you can find inserts in the appropriate sizes. I went for the squared filler paper, made with the high-quality MUJI paper I know and love, as well as sturdy cardstock dividers. My favorite thing about the dividers is the fact that the tabs are at the top, rather than on the side.


The transparent sticky notes are great for when you want to make marks in a book, but you don’t want to actually mark up the book. It works well with most pens and pencils, but highlighters are a no-go. Basically, you can forget about using anything water-based on them.

The rest of the stationery I got were pretty straightforward – ruler, scissors, more sticky notes, all the fun stuff.


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It’ll be a while before my home looks like MUJI House’s Instagram feed, but I was dangerously close to buying their Body Fit Cushion. It’s like sitting in a cloud. Sadly, it was also way out of my budget, which mostly went towards stationery and storage for said stationery.


I’m a huge fan of their acrylic storage pieces, but I quickly realized that not everything can be acrylic. I decided to mix up my workspace storage by including their PP cases, made of polypropylene, which gives off a frosted clean look. I bought a couple of filing boxes to store paperwork, bills and general adulting essentials.

I especially like the smaller desk storage boxes that have adjustable partitions. They come in three different sizes, and you can also stack them on top of one another, much like the Daiso’s plastic storage. MUJI’s containers are roughly double the price, but the material is sturdier.


While I did say that not everything can be acrylic, that didn’t stop me from purchasing acrylic picture frames. Before, I had these mismatched wooden frames that were probably older than I am. And although they had a charm to them, they were distracting the eyes from the actual photos. MUJI’s acrylic frames give my photos a cleaner look and my room a more uniform feel.


MUJI Haul Skincare.jpg


I have yet to try the Sensitive Skin line or any of MUJI’s skincare products for that matter. And I hardly hear about them, so I’m going into this blind. I feel like my window for carelessly testing out products on my face is closing soon, so why not?

Like many skincare products, the main ingredient is water. But according to the site, their water is sourced from a natural cave in Kamaishi City in Japan. So fancy shmancy. I actually have no idea what that means for me and my skin, but I look forward to testing it out. I decided to start small, literally. I bought the light toning water and face soap in their travel sizes, just in case my skin disagrees with them. I’ll be back in about a month with a more in-depth review and hopefully undamaged skin.


I tend to overlook trivial and disposable items, like cotton pads, but a high-quality product makes a world of a difference. To be fair, my only comparison was cotton rounds from Target, which have served me well for nearly two years. But it’s safe to say that I won’t be buying those anymore. Sorry, Target.

For $3.50, you can get a re-sealable bag of 180 cut cotton squares. They’re so incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, like, why wasn’t I using these sooner?! It didn’t take long for me to return to MUJI just to grab a second bag (as well as one, two, maybe three pens).

Not pictured are the dining ware I bought as housewarming gifts and a ton of snacks that didn’t last more than two days in our cupboard. The strawberry and chocolate wafers were delish!

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Although MUJI isn’t always cheap, the hard-earned money that you spend here usually won’t go to waste. You’re paying for good quality products, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. MUJI has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for minimalistic office supplies or a sturdy oak bed frame with storage drawers. I also have my eyes on some of their clothing items, but one step at a time, Anh. One step at a time.