February 2018 Favorites

February 2018.jpg

I swear New Year’s Day was just yesterday, yet here we are on the day before March. With Lunar New Year preparations and festivities, a bunch of birthdays, and a pile of projects, February went by in the blink of an eye. Somewhere in between, I turned 25, which came with its surprises and annual quarter-life crisis. Fun.

February was overwhelming, to say the least. And I have a feeling March will be equally as hectic, if not more. Why? Because in a little over a month, Anhthology will be getting its long overdue facelift! There are going to be lots of changes, including some regarding the layout of these monthly recaps. I’ll save the details for when the new design goes live, so for now, I’ll just jump right into my favorites from February.

February Favorites

1 | Ecoline Bottled Inks

February 2018 Ecoline 1.jpg

Since it seems like everyone has nothing but good things to say about these dye-based inks, paints, or whatever people decide to call them, I caved and bought three bottles to start. Currently, I have the Ecoline inks in Blue Green, Red Brown, and Yellow Ochre.

February 2018 Ecoline 2.jpg

I haven’t had the chance to actually paint with them, but just swatching, diluting, and mixing the colors together were enough to convince me that I need to go back for more. The colors are ridiculously vibrant! I love making flat washes with them, and you really don’t need much to get the job done. I can see these bottles lasting for a very long time, which is perfect because I can’t wait to experiment more with them.

2 | Fitbit Flex 2

February 2018 Fitbit.jpg

My sleep schedule is absolutely atrocious, and it’s definitely something I’d like to fix this year. I’ve used my bullet journal to help me track my sleep duration, but I sometimes forget to fill that out or I’d put in the time I think I fell asleep at. The Fitbit is excellent for tracking when exactly I fall asleep and how restless I am throughout the night – not that I know what to do with that last bit of information.


The app is intuitive, but I wish its selection of foods was as wide as MyFitnessPal’s. Overall, I’m really happy with the tracker. Clearly, my sleep pattern is still all over the place, but at least my Fitbit encourages me to get some exercise.

3 | Good Chemistry Rollerball Perfume

I buy a lot of things I don’t need when I go to Target; I’m sure we all have this problem. I forgot what I went to Target for last time, but I know that I didn’t buy it. Instead, I grabbed two fragrances from Target’s exclusive brand, Good Chemistry. I was drawn in by the pretty packaging, but the scents were what sealed the deal.

February 2018 Target.jpg

According to their website, these fragrances are paraben-free, vegan, and made with essential oils. I went for the Jasmine Rose and Apricot Bloom. The former is the more mature scent out of the two and smells exactly like what the name suggests. Apricot Bloom is more playful and smells like the sweetest apricot at the farmer’s market!

4 | REBBL Turmeric Golden Milk

February 2018 Golden Milk-2.jpg

I’m glad that turmeric is finally getting the attention it deserves because it’s pretty damn amazing. Its bold taste might take a while to get used to, but the list of health benefits seems to go on and on. One of my favorite ways to consume turmeric, especially in colder months like February, is in golden milk.

For days when I don’t feel like making a large batch or staining a cup for just one serving, I turn to REBBL’s Turmeric Golden Milk. Now I’m not saying it’ll solve all your problems, but it has helped me with migraines and my friend with her allergies. This all-organic golden milk is sweeter than what I’m used to, but I don’t mind that at all. The turmeric and ginger go well with the coconut milk, and you don’t taste the black pepper added to make the curcumin in turmeric more effective.

Considering that Pressed Juicery sells a bottle of golden milk for $8, REBBL’s $4 price tag doesn’t seem so bad. Still, you can’t beat the price, taste, and quality of homemade golden milk!



5 | A Place Further than the Universe

I’m glad that my year started off with such a feel-good series. A Place Further than the Universe is easily my favorite anime from this season. It has a bit of everything you’d want in a slice of life – comedy, the Power of Friendship™, heartwarming moments, and so on. The adventure part comes in when this lovable group of high school girls embarks on their journey to Antarctica. I can see people overlooking this series based on its premise, but I promise that it won’t disappoint.


With fun and well-developed characters, each with her own reason for going to Antarctica, an amazing soundtrack, and fantastic animation, A Place Further than the Universe easily won a spot as one of my favorite anime series this year. I’m going to be so sad when it ends, but I feel like it’s going to rip my heart out before that happens.


February had its highs and lows, but it sent some solid (and solemn) reminders that there’s still so much to do and so much to change. With that being said, let’s march forward into March!