Goodbye, 2016

Snow in Zion Utah 2016

As much as I want to say “thank goodness 2016 is almost over”, there’s still a good five hours for the year to give us all one last giant middle finger. But with 2017 just moments away, I think it’s appropriate to reflect on the previous 366 days and set goals and expectations for the upcoming year.

Was 2016 a complete disaster like everyone said it was? Not entirely.  However,  between the hot mess that was the country-dividing election and a handful of personal hurdles that threw me into a second quarter-life crisis, it definitely was one emotionally draining year. And while there’s always the good to balance the bad, I think we can all agree that it’s time for 2016 to pack its bags and leave.

Before saying my farewells to another year, I do want to thank 2016 for being a period of growth and learning. As I approach my mid-twenties, I’m beginning to piece together what I want to do and who I want to be – and the events this year undoubtedly played major roles in paving the way. I can’t say that they were all pleasant experiences, but I certainly learned a lot from them.

That’s probably why I have a good feeling about the upcoming year. I was never big on creating resolutions because – let’s face it – I wouldn’t keep them even if my life depended on it. But after one roller coaster of a year, I’m exponentially more determined to set realistic goals and see them through.


1 | Spend more time with friends and family.
I’ve always put family and close friends above everything else and this year was no exception. A few events in 2016 only reaffirmed the importance of spending time with loved ones. Rest assured, I’ll be doing plenty of that in 2017.

2 | Take my health more seriously.
Take my health more seriously. Anyone who saw me in person this year can agree that I’ve really let myself go. Whoops. So, like many people out there, I plan to clean up my diet, squeeze in more exercise, and maintain other healthy habits.

3 | Set aside time for hobbies.
To deal with all the stress-inducing events of 2016, I revisited old hobbies (drawing and piano) and picked up a couple of new ones (gardening and coding). My hobby is basically collecting hobbies. In 2017, I hope to spend more time and improve with each one.

4 | Blog more often.
One of my highlights in 2016 was starting this blog. Although it took a while to set up and get into the swing of writing blog posts again, I’m quite proud of it. There’s still a lot to explore in the world of blogging, so I plan to learn as I continue to create and share content.

5 | Use time wisely.
I didn’t waste too much time this year, but there were definitely days where I felt like I could’ve done more. This year, to reach my goals, I'll focus on making every waking minute count.

I’m actually excited for the New Year and what it’ll bring. Whether you’re looking forward to a fresh start or new opportunities, let’s make 2017 a good one!

Have a happy and healthy New Year! May it be filled with loads of joy and adventures!