Best of Daiso Stationery | Part 2

Daiso Part 2.jpg

I’m sure the employees at my local Daiso store recognize me by now because I’m the girl who makes a beeline to the stationery section every other week. What can I say? I’m a sucker for $1.50 stationery. And if I’m being totally honest, I prefer some of Daiso’s products over stuff you’d find at overpriced stationery stores. $5 for a single roll of washi tape? No, thank you.

This isn’t the first time I wrote about stationery from Daiso, and I didn’t think I’d put together a part two so soon. But since then, they’ve really stepped up their game by introducing new collections and products. So, without further ado, here are five more stationery items worth checking out at Daiso!

1 | Origami Paper

Daiso Part 2 Origami.jpg

I suck at origami – just putting that out there. So why do I have more origami paper than the average person needs? I actually don’t use them for folding, but for decorating my bullet journal and sketchbooks with. They have so many colors and patterns, many of which are far better and more unique than those in pricier packs. I also love how thin they are – perfect for adding into journals without bulking them up!

Daiso Part 2 Origami 2.jpg
Daiso Part 2 Origami 3.jpg

2 | Small Notepad

Daiso Part 2 Notepad.jpg

Not all notes go into my bullet journal, either because they’re not significant enough or my journal is out of reach. I can only roll my chair so far – i.e., the length of my headphone cord. If I’m not using sticky notes, I’m using small notepads, and Daiso has some insanely cute ones. Breakfast is arguably the best meal of the day, so there’s no way I could resist this breakfast-themed notepad. It has 20 sheets for each of its 4 designs, making it a grand total of 80 removable sheets.

3 | Washi Tape (again)


When I brought up Daiso’s washi tapes during the last post, I wrote that I wasn’t fond of its poor adhesion. I shouldn’t expect much for $1.50 when other places sell them for $3 and upwards. However, they’ve really upgraded their selection in terms of design and quality, and now, nearly half of my washi tapes are from Daiso. My favorites are from their Hello Summer collection, which gives you two rolls of succulent or pineapple printed tapes for $1.50. There are also flamingos, but those birds creep me out.

Daiso Part 2 Deco Tape.jpg

Since we’re on the topic of tapes, I have to talk about their deco tapes. They have no purpose other than for adding decorative borders to your pages. It works like correction tape, but instead of a white strip, you get animals, flowers, and ninjas. A downside to these is the fact that the film is slightly tacky, so the design can rub off and even transfer to the other page if you’re not careful.

4 | More Memos and Page Flags

Daiso Part 2 Page Flags.jpg

Just like with their tapes, Daiso has added new designs for their memos, page flags, and sticky notes. The Hello Summer collection extends to include page indexes and page flags. And their Sakura line also has sticky page flags that you can write on with pencils and some pens.

5 | Plastic Storage

Daiso Part 2 Storage.jpg

These aren’t from the stationery section, but they’re perfect for organizing all your writing tools, tapes, and other supplies! The plastic containers are made to be stacked on one another and come in different sizes for different purposes. They’re great for building a tower of skincare and makeup products or smaller stationery. My favorite is the one with partitions to hold all of my brush pens, most of which are also from Daiso. Highly recommend those, too!

I’m pretty sure if I went to Daiso less often, those $1.50 saved can add up to buy me pricier stationery. But if I had any issues with their products to begin with, I wouldn’t have made Daiso one of my go-to places for stationery. It goes to show that you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get your hands on decent washi tapes, office supplies, and paper goods. Daiso, keep doing what you’re doing!