June 2017 Favorites

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What do you mean we’re already halfway through 2017?! I don’t know about you, but the months went by incredibly fast for me. And June was just a complete blur. I feel like this monthly recap will be a struggle to write since I lost track of time and genuinely thought June was next month… but here goes nothin’!

June marked the end of the school year for many college students, which meant frequent visits to my alma mater. From helping my brother move out of the cramped dormitory to squeezing in brunches and outings with friends before they move far away, it’s safe to say that I’ve been to LA more times in this one month than I have been all year.

More LA trips meant more shopping and dining out, and I’m pretty sure I heard my wallet cry a little. I went to restaurants I used to frequent, like Tsujita in Sawtelle, House of Meatballs in Westwood and Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills. And when I found myself at the Westwood Farmer’s Market on a random Thursday, you can bet that I stocked up on Dolce Monachelli’s butter rum cakes. Yeah, I spent a lot on food, but the real damage happened at MUJI. I’ll most likely write a haul post later on, but for now, I’ll chat about one of my favorite buys and a few other goodies from this month!

June Favorites

1 | Gel-Ink Hexa Ballpoint Pens from MUJI


I often let people borrow my writing pens, only to never see them again. And for that reason, I rarely spend more than $2 on a pen unless it’s remarkable – like MUJI’s Hexa Ballpoint Pens. I mentioned their gel pens a few times in the past since they’re still one of my office staples. But they aren’t perfect. While the ink is smooth and highly pigmented, it takes some time to dry and doesn't stand a chance against highlighters and water-based markers. Plus, the cylindrical shape gets irritating to hold after extended periods of writing.

The Hexa Ballpoint Pens solve all of those problems. At three dollars each, the Hexa Ballpoint Pen is double the price of a capped gel pen, but it’s a small price to pay for quality. The hexagonal shape makes the pen comfortable to hold and a delight to write with. They glide right across the paper without any skipping. The ink doesn’t smear at all, nor does it get disturbed by highlighters and markers, making it great for sketching and line work. Sizes go as small as 0.25 – perfect for details. I only wish they came in more colors, especially a dark red.

2 | Winsor and Newton Cotman Pocket Box Watercolor Set

June WN Cotman.jpg

I told myself that I would use up my current watercolor sets before getting a new one, but I’m a sucker for “50% off one regular priced item” coupons. I went for a small travel set of Winsor & Newton’s student-grade watercolors that my friend recommended, and it’s not half bad! Since I got it late in the month, it’s too early for me to make a final verdict. I’m planning to use it throughout the summer, then return for a more comprehensive review. All I’ll say about it, for now, is that it’s my favorite student-grade watercolor paint at the moment. 

3| Plastic Organizers from Daiso

I’m so weak when it comes to Daiso. I rarely need anything there but I never fail to leave without new washi tapes and brush pens, among other things. For the sake of my wallet (don’t underestimate how quickly $1.50 adds up), I usually make a beeline to the stationery section, and only the stationery section, before checking out. That’s it. But with some time to kill, I recently explored other areas of my local Daiso and made some really stupid purchases *cough* alpaca chair socks *cough*.

June Daiso.jpg

I did, however, check out their wall of storage and organization goods and I was not disappointed. Some were tacky, not gonna lie, but these plastic containers I picked up were exactly what I was looking for. They remind me of MUJI’s polypropylene desk dividers but without the partition and at half the price. They’re sturdy, minimalistic and come in multiple sizes. They’re also stackable, but they occasionally won’t snap together as easily as I would like them to.

4| Spicy Honey Roasted Cashews

June Cashews.jpg

Warning: Dangerously addicting





Relatives visiting from Vietnam meant sweets and snacks for days! I quickly became addicted to these sweet and spicy roasted cashews, so much so that I started looking for a similar recipe immediately after eating just a handful. I knew that bag wouldn’t last long at all. I went with Leelalicious’s Sweet and Spicy Roasted Cashew recipe and made some minor adjustments to the ingredients and method to get it as close to the original as possible.

After using raw wildflower honey, more cashews, less salt, and a squeeze of sriracha, I was beyond happy with how they turned out! I was too eager to take a proper photo, but I managed to snap a quick one with my phone before we finished the entire jar in a single day. Gotta get them healthy fats! 

5 | Shingeki no Kyojin Season Two Original Soundtrack

Four years. It took four years for Attack on Titan to come back. And although there were only twelve episodes that weren’t nearly as explosive and action-packed as the previous season, I still thoroughly enjoyed it – especially with the plot progression and the music. Composer Hiroyuki Sawano returns with another bombastic soundtrack, featuring revamps from the first two albums and brand new tracks that quickly grew on me. I’m really looking forward to future works from Sawano, especially with a third season of Attack on Titan confirmed for spring 2018!

June came and went in a blink of an eye. With summer (and my air conditioner) at full blast, I’m just about ready to start the second half of the year! While I do have some personal projects lined up, it’ll be a while before I can get to them. But have no fear, I’ll keep the posts rolling and the updates coming when they’re ready to be announced. Until then, have a wonderful July!