March 2017 Favorites

Santa Monica Beach Overcast

Can you believe that we’re already one-fourth of the way through 2017?! It seems like it was only yesterday that we welcomed the year with open arms and a revived determination to stick to our resolutions this time. Are you still keeping up with yours? Because I sure haven’t. It’s safe to say that my goal of blogging more often went out the window when I took the site offline for a prolonged makeover early in the year. Now that it’s up and running again, I’m beyond excited to crank out more posts as the year goes on, starting with a long overdue monthly recap!

March in a Nutshell

This past month flew right by for me. While I didn’t get a chance to explore many new places in March, it was still eventful, from celebrating plenty of birthdays and catching up with old friends to soaking up a bit of sun at the beach after weeks of heavy rain. And, of course, I was able to get Anhthology live again, thanks to a push from a friend – and by push, I mean my refusal to owe her $20+ if I didn’t have my blog up by a specific date. Thanks, Kim.

March 2017 Favorites

1 | Get Out

I’m still not sure whether I love or hate horror movies. On one hand, I enjoy the adrenaline rush and the company of equally terrified friends. On the other, I like being able to sleep at night. Moreover, horror films get repetitive and predictable, which is why I haven’t seen one in a long time. But, boy, am I glad that I listened to all the recommendations to watch Get Out.

This horror comedy was directed by Jordan Peele, so you know you’re in for some good laughs and satire. On top of having a dark and twisted storyline sprinkled with smart humor, the film takes on 21st-century racism and presents it in a comedic, yet eerie and thought-provoking way. Definitely one of the more entertaining horror films I’ve seen.

2 | Trader Joe's Chocolate Bars

Okay, either I’ve been living under a rock or Trader Joe’s is really stepping up their chocolate bar game. Since this grocery chain is always churning out new products, I’ve made it a habit to try something new every time I go there. While I don’t always have the biggest sweet tooth, I’ve been gravitating more towards their chocolates lately.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Bars

My absolute favorite is the Golden Spice Milk Chocolate Bar, which has curry powder, turmeric, ginger, coconut, and quinoa – basically, a blend of things you wouldn’t expect to find in a chocolate bar. But it works oh so well! The Marbled Mint Crunch comes at a close second because you can’t go wrong with dark chocolate and mint, especially with crispy cocoa cookies sprinkled in every beautifully marbled bite. Last is the Matcha White Chocolate, which is actually my brother’s favorite. It’s too sweet for me and I’m not a fan of the gooey caramel-like filling, but I like the subtle matcha taste and the A+ packaging. 

3 | Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack

I love original soundtracks. Fifty percent of my music library is most likely original soundtracks. So when I say that this is one of my favorite anime soundtracks of all time, it's a pretty big deal (for me, at least). 

Composed by the immensely talented Yoko Kanno, the Zankyou no Terror OST is hauntingly beautiful. While the series itself wasn't perfect, the melancholic music tied in so well with the stunning visuals and dark, chilling themes that you can't really imagine any other songs being nearly as fitting. I've included my top five tracks below, but the entire album is worth a listen. 


4 | Not Nasa T-Shirts

Not Nasa T-Shirts

My style ranges from something straight out of a Madewell catalog to “most likely just rolled out of bed but still trying to be socially acceptable”. These two graphic tees from BoxLunch are leaning towards the latter. It doesn’t help at all that I bought them two sizes up, but I do love me some soft oversized shirts.  

5 | The Art of Makoto Shinkai

I received this book as a gift from a good friend right before March ended so this totally counts.




If you’ve seen the animated masterpiece that is Your Name, then Makoto Shinkai should sound very familiar. This fully colored art book features gorgeous stills and backgrounds from some of Shinkai’s earlier works, including 5 Centimeters per Second and The Place Promised in Our Early Days. Every scenery is rich in color and detail that show just how dedicated Shinkai and his team were to immersing you into these worlds. And they sure did an amazing job because I was literally speechless as I flipped through the pages.

I would say that I'll have more exciting things to share next month, but I feel a cold creeping up on me. I usually don't get sick, but when I do, it hits me hard.